VIP Energy


VIP Energy

VIP-Energy is developed by the Swedish company Structural Design Software in Europe AB. VIP-Energy is used by energy experts for simulating the energy performance for all kinds of buildings anywhere in the world. VIP-Energy has Swedish and Norwegian norms and fulfill the requirements for BREEAM and LEED.


VIP-Energy comes with a library of materials, walls, ceilings and roofs, floors, windows, valves, heat pumps etc. Personal, or for the client custom-made, databases as well as calculation templates can be stored in order to render the work more effective.


VIP-Energy quickly and easily simulates the energy balance of the building hour by hour for a whole year. A complete yearly hour by hour calculation only takes a couple of seconds irrespectively of its complexity. This makes testing of different scenarios very easy.

Accurate The dynamic calculations in VIP-Energy have been developed through many years of research. The high quality of the calculation model ensures valid results even for challenging architecture such as passive houses. VIP-Energy has been validated with ANSI ASHRAE-140, IEA-BESTEST, CEN-15265 and more than 25 years of research and commercial use.

VIP-Energy apps and plugin

The VIP-Energy core is used for creating innovative applications. VIP-Energy apps are used for creating web applications and apps for android and Iphone.

The VIP-Energy plugin is used in the Graphisoft BIM software “ArchiCad”. The built in product is called Energy evaluation and the standalone product is called EcoDesigner Star


Papers online

PDF versions of all papers from the IBPSA conferences 1985-2015