BuildSim-Nordic 2014, Presentations





Alimohammadisagvand, Behrang

Aalto University

Assessing different control algorithms to minimize energy cost of electrically heated residential buildings while maintaining thermal comfort of occupants

Cao, Gyangyu

Technical Research Centre of Finland

Protected zone ventilation reducing personal exposure to indoor pollution

Cao, Sunliang

Aalto University

Impact of simulation time-resolution on the matching of PV production and household electric demand

Christensen, Jørgen Erik

Technical University of Denmark

Hygrothermal evaluation of a museum storage building

Georges, Laurent

Norwegian Univresity of Science and Technology

Simulation of the indoor thermal environment in passive houses heated using wood stoves

Haase, Matthias

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

Capacities in shopping malls to supply grid services

Hassanie, Samer

Royal Insitute of Technology

A systematic approach to real-time integrated building energy performance assessment and monitoring

Heikkinen, Jorma

Technical Research Centre of Finland

Combining solar and district heating in IDA ICE

Hirvonen, Janne

Aalto University

Potential of PV self-consumption for homes with different heating systems

Jung, Nusrat

Aalto University

Optimization integrated building information modeling for building design and systems

Kayo, Genku

Aalto University

Energy sharing effects in a cluster of buildings in the context of energy market changes

Liu, Linn

Linköping University

Methodology of life cycle cost optimization of energy retrofits - OPERA

Lundgren, Lina

Linköping University

Using building energy simulation to study the effect of renovation of a post-war multi-family building in Sweden

Tuomaala, Pekka

Technical Research Centre of Finland

A comprehensive human thermal model for evaluating individual thermal sensation

Vorre, Mette Havgaard

Aalborg University

Clothing and thermal comfort

Vuolle, Mika

EQUA Solutions Ab

Using automatically generated scripts in higher level optimization problem definitions

Østergård, Torben

Aalborg University

Pre-design informative building simulations for improving the early design process

Rasca, Sinziana

Lund University

Dynamic facade systems


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