IBPSA-Nordic – The Nordic regional affiliate of the IBPSA-World

Established 26.8.2011



The association’s name is IBPSA-Nordic ry and its home municipality is Espoo. IBPSA-Nordic is the regional affiliate of IBPSA, the International Building Performance Simulation Association (www.ibpsa.org), for four countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. IBPSA-Nordic is linked to IBPSA-World association but acts as an independent organisation.


The objective of IBPSA-Nordic is to promote the science and practice of building performance simulation and to promote the energy, environmental and economic performance of buildings and their systems in the four covered countries. IBPSA-Nordic will provide a forum for exchange of knowledge between researchers, designers, developers and practitioners in the field of building performance simulation and related issues in the four covered countries.

IBPSA-Nordic will strive to achieve its objectives on the level of each country and on the regional level through meetings, seminars, workshops, publications, education programmes, training, coordinated activities with other associations and holding a biennial regional technical event. IBPSA-Nordic will have a web site (www.IBPSA-NORDIC.org) and an e-mail list. The website will act as the main gateway to the affiliate organisation.

IBPSA-Nordic is a non-profit organisation.


The geographic region covered by IBPSA-Nordic is four countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, called the covered countries in this by-laws.

IBPSA-Nordic language of operation is English. This will not necessarily to apply on activities on local levels in each country, which may choose any other languages.



The Board is responsible for the action planning of IBPSA-Nordic and takes care of finances and the property of the association.

The Board will be composed of twelve members, three from each covered country.

A Board member must be active in the field of building simulation and must be based in one of the four covered countries.

All Board positions are for two years, renewable for multiple terms.

The Board will meet at least once each calendar year to discuss and decide the affairs of the association, including the financial report. The meeting could also be held by teleconferencing.

At Board meetings, a simple majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum including the presence of the President or the Vice-president. The meeting shall be chaired by the President or in his /her absence by the Vice-President. The Board will strive to reach decisions by consensus. When this is not possible, decisions will require a simple majority vote of those present.

In case of a voting tie, the decision will be made by the meeting chair.

A new Board will elect a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and a Secretary from amongst its members.

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary positions will be for two years, renewable for multiple terms.

The President will actively participate in realising the mandate of the organisation. The President, or the Vice-President, has the right to sign in the name of the organisation. He/she will chair the Board meetings.

The Vice-President will assume the normal job of the President in his/her absence.

The Treasurer will handle the financial affairs of the organisation.

The Secretary will assist the membership and the Board in the execution of their programs of work and in the coordination and progress of the organisation activities. The Secretary will take care of informing all members about the organisation activities.

The Board members will act as contact points in their countries.


The association has two types of members: Normal Members and Special Corporate Members. Become a member.

A Normal Member can be any individual, legally operating organisation or foundation interested in building simulation. Building simulation does not have to be the sole job function in order to qualify for the membership.

There is no membership fee for normal members.

A Special Corporate Member can be any legally operating organisation that works in the building and related sectors. A Special Corporate Member will have the right to put its organisation’s logo on the IBPSA-Nordic website, with a link to the organisation’s own website. A special corporate member will get a free copy of the biennial technical regional meeting’s papers. A Special Corporate Member will have to pay an annual membership fee. The amount of the membership fee will be decided by the Board.

IBPSA-Nordic members will:

  • Receive announcements on upcoming events and new services
  • Have access to an electronic copy of IBPSA’s newsletters
  • Have the right to nominate and participate in the election of the Board members
  • Can get an IBPSA-World membership

The Board has the right of refusal the membership of any individual, organisation or foundation to IBPSA-Nordic. A member wishing to terminate his/her membership may do so by informing that by writing to the Board or the President or to inform that at the General Meeting and to be written in the minutes of the meeting.


A general meeting shall be held once each a calendar year at August-December and shall be open for all members of IBPSA-Nordic. The meeting shall be held at such time and place as the Board may decide. A notice has to be given by e-mail or through the website to all members at least one month before holding the general meeting or any special general meeting. In the general meeting, every member has one vote. The general meetings shall be chaired by the President. Each general meeting shall discuss and approve the general policies, confirm the action plans and budget, decide to confirm the financial statement, acknowledgement freedom from liability, elect the new Board members, the auditor and vice-auditor for the vacant/new positions, and decide any other business of IBPSA-Nordic. Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of the voting members of those present. The Board may also call for holding special general meetings when necessary or when at least 1/10 of the association members inform it is required.


The fiscal year for IBPSA-Nordic shall coincide with the calendar year. The monetary unit used for the calculation shall be the EURO. The board shall provide the required documents for the financial statement and the board’s financial report to the auditor, at least one month before the general meeting. The auditor shall give a written statement at least two weeks before the general meeting.


IBPSA-Nordic will organise a technical regional event on the topic of building simulation every two years.

These events will be held in even-numbered years to alternate with the IBPSA international conferences, which are held in odd-numbered years.


Proposals for the dissolution shall be submitted to the Board in the name of more than half of the members of IBPSA-Nordic. Dissolution can be decided in a general meeting when there is a majority of at least three-quarters of the votes of those present. The Board shall take care of the dissolution process unless the association has appointed one or more other persons for this purpose. The remaining funds shall be deposited to support the dissolution action in a way to be decided in a General Meeting.