Teacher seminar

The next seminar will take place Friday 16 August 2024, 09:00-11:00 CET / 10:00-12:00 EET. Below the seminar’s ics to save to your calendar:

2024 January

Download the newest IDA ICE 5.1 beta

Ex1: Temperature change over a power failure

  • Step change of temperature compared in 3 different wall constuctions with identical U-value, located in a cold climate
  • Version management to execute the simulations within the same project file

Recorded, downloadble video:

Ex2: Glazing and PV-area optimization in an atrium

  • Searching for the optimal glazing types/facade and PV panel area in order to minimize simultaneously investments, purchased energy costs and CO2-emission-based penalties
  • Optimization period time: 25 years, climate: Denmark

Recorded, downloadble video:

2023 August

Download the official IDA ICE 5 beta 28

Ex1: Single family house’s envelope study

  • Insulation thickness variations effects on design heating power and energy consumption
  • Investment and long-term energy costs, brute force-based optimum search

Recorded, downloadble video:

Ex2: VAV vs CAV

  • Comparison of 3 identical meeting rooms with different ventilation types, max 3 L/s m² (VAV temp control, VAV temp+CO2 control, CAV).
  • Results of: room power sizing and energy consumption, fan power, air flows, IAQ differences.

Recorded, downloadable video:

2023 January

Ex1:Daylight credit compliance demonstration using Swan’s requirements, including

  • Area import and project (single family house) build-up
  • Daylight Factor and whole-year illuminance simulations

Ex2: PV panel production matching with actual electric consumption of the project house

  • Measured consumption as central control signal
  • PV electricity generation matching and sizing

Recorded video (YouTube)

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